How much does this cost? How do you cover your costs?

The program is completely free for golf courses. We work on behalf of the charities, and it’s now a lot easier for them to raise money and to promote your golf course. The charities pay us a portion of all of the extra money we help them raise. Plus, we sell low cost ( sponsorships to tournament services and product providers also to help cover our costs. Lastly, some courses (whose rules prohibit helping local charities) purchase their BestOutings listings (small yearly fee) and that too helps us cover our costs. Any revenue beyond covering our costs is donated to junior golf programs.

How does this work for nonprofits? Is it hard for them?

We make it easier for them to raise money. While some event organizers might not like the idea of spending 5 minutes to set up an account, they quickly realize how valuable their TravelPledge account is. Why? We help them get fun experiences (vacations, golf, dinners, cruises, lessons, etc) that they can promote to raise money. Watch video.. Now they don’t have to hassle you each year and it’s far easier to promote your golf course to their supporters.

How have you made it easier to respond to certificate requests?

We provide three easy ways for you to easily handle certificate requests from nonprofits. Give them a postcard (that we provide), send them an email (that we provide) or simply add a “Request Donation” link on your website and tell them “just visit our website”. Watch video to see how easy we make it.

We are a private golf course. How can we benefit?

Many private courses have good success posting "member for a day" certificates (typically good for weekday afternoon golf) that charities promote to a very affluent event crowd at black tie galas. Your membership director receives all contact information of the potential member that won the certificate. If your club rules prohibit using “member for a day” passes as a marketing tool, but you still want a listing on BestOutings (seen by thousands of outing planners), we have options for you here.

How will this help sell more tournaments and memberships?

Our BestOutings website is seen by thousands of event planners, and participating golf courses get a free listing. Plus you automatically receive the contact information for all of the participating nonprofit event organizers that promote your certificates at their fundraising events. Lastly, you’ll get full contact information for each winning bidder in case your membership director wants to contact them.

Who has access to the certificates that we post?

Our system verifies that all nonprofits (charities) have a valid 501(c) status from the IRS as part of their account setup, so you never have to worry about fraudulent requests. Plus, you can easily set certificates up so that only certain nonprofits can access them. Bottom line, you are in full control!

I see your name is "One Spare Tee Time" for Charity. Is this some sort of barter thing?

No way! We’re simply automating a key process for you. We’re not asking you to give us any tee times (all donated rounds are used by charities to help them raise money). Any proceeds beyond covering our costs go to support junior golf programs.

Who prints the certificate and when?

The actual golf certificate can only be printed once our system verifies that it generated a donation. This way, you know that the event organizer is not just using the certificate to play free golf (we’ve heard from many course managers that this happens a lot!).

If my bank of certificates runs out, how do I add more?

Sign In and you’ll see a running total of your certificates (your "bank") and a list of nonprofits promoting your golf course. It’s easy to manually add certificates to your bank at any time by clicking the "Add some now" button.

Can I still generate a certificate for a member or a “non-charity”?

Yes. At the request of several golf course managers, we added a new featured that allows you to print (and track) certificates that are "off the books" and give those out directly to organizations that might not yet have official 501(c) status. Most organizations (even small PTAs) have official status however, so you’ll only use this feature on rare occasions. Some private clubs also use this feature to take care of requests directly from their members. The downside of “off the books” is that you won’t receive any contact information for the event planner nor the certificate holder.

How long will it take to set up?

Less than 10 minutes. Find your golf course, let us know who you are, update your information and tell us what sort of certificates you usually provide. We handle everything for you.

How do you prevent a certificate from being used more than once?

Each certificate includes a unique ID number and an expiration date. To redeem, sign in and mark the certificate as redeemed (this prevents anyone using it again).

How can I contact you directly?

OneSpareTeeTime is provided by Geronimo Solutions. We'd love to hear from you! You may call us directly toll free at (877) 219-0916, or send us a note Please note we have similar solutions for golf lessons and golf vacations. See all of our platforms.